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Mars Hydro GROWTNET Optional size Wholesale Price Hydroponic Grow Tent 610D Plant Grow Box Kits 150x150x200

Mars Hydro GROWTNET Optional size Wholesale Price Hydroponic Grow Tent 610D Plant Grow Box Kits 150x150x200

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Product Description
* 10+ Years Manufacturer for Indoor Grow Tent – Get the Double Yield with Mars Hydro Led Grow Light
* Strong 1680D Fabric – The Extra-thick fabric the better. Heavy-duty for perfect light blocking.
* 100% Reflective - the best reflective mylar material gives an efficiency boost to lighting setups of any power configuration,to blocks all light from escaping.
* Durability - All metal including poles, fixture braces & connectors for maximum safety and secutirty.
* Non-Toxic to Environment - will not react under light and heat, and no off-gassing to harm plants.
* Increased Capacity - 50KG/110lbs-150KG/330lbs.Over 3 hanging bars forming metal grid for safe hanging.
* Tool-free Setup -5 minutes to build/ take down even if you’ve never done something like this before.
* Double Stitching - equals durability & quality so your tent will give years and years of use.
* Strong Zippers - thicker with the best zippers on the market. Light-proof backing around zipper.
* Multiple intake/exhaust vents - Number and size of duct vents have been designed for varied sizes of fan, filter and ducting with maximum flexibility and functionality.
* Easy-view Windows - for freely watch of plants growth without distrubing their grow.
* Mesh Window- Rectangle windows with mesh for better ventilation without the bugs and dust.
* Removable Floor Tray - to keep your tray in place and quickly removed for easy cleaning.
* Velcro Door Straps - keeps your doors open and out of the way so you can enter and exit with ease.


1. Can you ship to my country?
We now have warehouses in US, UK, AU, EU, CA, RU, JP to support local delivery. For other countries we will ship directly from factory in China. Please contact us for freight and details.

2. What is your warranty? What can I do if my fixture has a problem?
We promise 5-year warranty, and repair centers located in the US, UK, AU, EU, and CA. If you have a product issue, contact your sales representative for support.

3. Is it discreet shipping/package?
Yes. It is discreet shipping. All packages without any images, any labels “grow lights”, “grow tents” or brand name mentioned on the packages; and shipped with plastic foam to stick the light and keep it safe.

4. Which model should I choose?
It depends on your growing environment and purpose. Indoor and vertical farms are more suitable for FC/FC-E series. The SP series is specially designed for greenhouse. If you need to light the veg period, choose the small wattages. High wattage are more suitable for flowering or full-period growing.
Detailed lights plan please contact us.

5. Will your lights match the electricity of my facility?
Our fixtures are in line with the local commonly used electricity specifications, if you have special requirements can contact our sales representatives to customize.

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